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You have just found the first and only drop ship research company who primarily gathers wholesale drop shipper information for YOU from actual trade show participation. We go direct to the wholesale source. This means you get the most profit!


We DO NOT pay people to merely sit in an office all day, surfing the Web trying to find wholesale drop ship companies. ANYONE could do that. Instead, we go meet the wholesale drop ship suppliers face-to-face for YOU at trade shows. We see the products first hand, and meet many of the wholesale drop shippers in person at trade shows. We have been doing this longer than anyone on the Web today. Our goal is to get wholesale drop shippers connected to you and your business. Our directory is the most affordable tool to make this happen for YOU.


The research we do at trade shows is not easy. It requires enormous amounts of time, energy, and expenses trying to find wholesale companies who drop ship products for home-based Internet businesses. Would this kind of service be valuable to your online store?


Are you able to regularly research not just a couple of shows a year, but numerous scheduled trade shows? If not, we can do this for YOU. Our team attends wholesale trade shows of all sizes. We have met hundreds of wholesale companies, and have inspected thousands of products. Only a selected group will qualify to be in our directory.


Our directory also includes INTERNATIONAL wholesale drop shippers!


See us at many other trade shows we have researched for our members


Your Time - Wouldn't it be nice if you could have someone physically go to trade shows and interview hundreds of companies about their wholesale drop shipping programs for you each month? We have done this for YOU.


Customer Testimonials...


“I just purchased the Hienote drop ship directory and all I can say is WOW! The directory is an excellent source of drop shippers and your customer service is great.”

-Mike Y., Santa Cruz, CA.


“The information in your directory is worth Ten Times the price. Thank you for the wealth of free information including the free e-book, articles, and the drop ship FAQ’s page.”

-Ken L., Maple Grove, MN.


“I have found many unique and highly lucrative products to sell on the internet. Thanks again!"

-Mindi V., Willard, UT



Success You Deserve


Your Money and Expenses - If you could find drop shippers and wholesalers that do not require you to purchase inventory or buy minimum quantities, and they gave you true wholesale pricing...would this be valuable to you? We are one of the most affordable sources for authentic drop shippers today. How do we do it? We keep our overhead low, our staff small, and expenses minimal. Why spend too much for other drop ship wholesale sources, whose products are already oversold on auction sites? It's simple, we can get you access to hard-to-find niche drop ship wholesale suppliers. We meet with these hard-to-find wholesale suppliers everyday. Would you like access to their information? Go here.


A Unique Search Methodology - We use a unique 3 tier approach for finding drop shippers. Our 3 tiers of searches include: Internet Searches, Trade Show Searches, and Foreign Government Agency Searches.


What makes us different?

Unlike other drop ship directories, we DO NOT sit in an office surfing the Web, or talking on the phone all day contacting hundreds of wholesale drop ship companies...We hit the streets and physically look for companies. We go to more trade shows than anyone, looking for wholesale companies that offer drop shipping. We meet them face-to-face and see their product quality! We find the products no one else has found. We are also the most affordable source for authentic drop shippers on the web today. Period.


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Here is what we do for YOU...

wholeseller interviews Our trade show research teams, work to get YOU the information about wholesale drop shippers. One-on-one interviews and discussions are conducted with wholesale companies at trade shows.

We inspect and record each company's offerings and product quality first hand.


Some directories advertise millions of products they have never actually physically seen. They end up with lots of junk products nobody wants, and cannot sell. We actually take the time to inspect the products personally.

International Manufacturing We meet with many U.S. and International manufacturers first hand. We have both US and International drop shippers in our directory.
drop shipping programs

We learn about their wholesale and drop shipping programs for YOU by meeting with them personally.

Large Wholesale Shows We research some of the largest shows in the world, as well as the mid-sized and small specialized shows.

When it comes to finding a drop shipper EVERY show counts! Researching a trade show is very expensive, time consuming, exhausting, and requires lots of patience. We are the only company who can provide you with a directory, of this caliber of research to find a wholesale drop ship supplier. Would this be valuable to you?


More Customer Testimonials...


“I have researched many sites on drop shipping and by far your site is the best. This is the only information anyone needs to succeed online.”

-Alexa P, Partlow, VA.


“This is a very educational site and easy to use.”

-James L, Winfield, IL.


“I couldn’t believe it cost so little to join!  The directory easily pays for's a no brainer. I was delighted to see how unique the products were in the directory. I found several great drop-shippers because of your directory and would highly recommend your company.“

-Deborah R., Greenfield, WI.



OUR FOCUS = Finding YOU wholesale companies who drop ship


Why do I need a drop shipper?

You get several advantages by having products drop shipped for you. Through drop shipping you can eliminate some of the following:
   You don’t warehouse anything
   You don’t ship anything.
   You never have to carry costly inventory
   No shipping hassles or expenses
   No minimum order requirements

   You pay the true wholesale price, not the retail price.


The drop ship supplier does all that for you. You concentrate on getting sales while the drop shipper concentrates on shipping the products to your customers. If you do not plan on carrying any product inventory, then you should strongly consider drop shipping for your online retail business.


Can you summarize how your drop ship list directory can give me an advantage in the marketplace?


Here is how our directory can help you:

1. Our team searches hundreds of wholesale trade shows. We find many wholesale drop shippers who do most of their advertising only at the wholesale trade shows. Many of them do not have a strong Web presence (some do not have a website). This is important to you. Why? This means, not just anyone could easily find your suppliers with a search engine. This can give you a competitive edge by having uniqueness in your product offerings.


2. You will find our directory to be focused on drop shippers with unique niche product lines. You will not find a bunch of "over-sold" big brand name products with the drop shippers in our directory. This means finding drop shippers for your niche business just got a little easier.


3. You will have the ability to get single quantity products sent to your customers.


4. You get products at a true wholesale price.



We go to wholesale trade shows for YOU, and find wholesale drop ship suppliers.


  ●  Every wholesale drop shipper we list will drop ship, in single item quantities for your business.

  ●  The drop shippers in the directory do not require minimum orders.

  ●  Each drop shipper sends product from their own warehouse or facility.

  ●  We guarantee each drop shipper in our directory has been thoroughly researched to ensure they

      are the tier one distributor or manufacturer. In other words there are no middlemen involved.


Our Drop Ship List Directory is a tool to help YOU.


e-Tailing TipsWe search industry trade shows. Considerable time is taken in qualifying every wholesale supplier and drop shipper for you. We have a very meticulous and proven methodology for screening drop shippers. If they do not pass the initial screening, they are not added to the directory. We do NOT allow companies to “buy” their way into our directory.


Our mission is to provide YOU with authentic wholesale drop shippers for your online business or auction site. Our information is updated on a regular basis.


The FASTEST return on investment with your new drop shippers...

  • Do you think you could earn this back within a single month with your new drop shippers?

  • How about one week or a day?

  • Could this be earned back with just one sale of an item on your site?

In fact, the entire membership could be a business write-off if you turn this in as a business expense on your yearly taxes.


What else can I expect you to provide me?

  • Every month we add new drop ship suppliers to our directory.

  • An online directory containing authentic drop shippers who offer wholesale products for you to retail online or on auction sites.

  • You will also receive TWO FREE Bonus Ebooks (over a $50 Value)

    "The Tips Concerning Drop Shipping & Retailing No One Told You About" a $29.95 value and

    "Finding Your Drop Ship Treasure at a Trade Show" a $24.95 value...Free with your exclusive membership.

  • FREE customer support, no fees.

  • FREE Newsletter with tips on drop shipping and e-tailing.

  • FREE articles and tips on everything you ever wanted to know about drop shipping.

FACT: Many have reported making sales the first week of gaining access to our exclusive list of suppliers.


More Customer Testimonials...

 Unique Products 

“I am making enough money with drop shipping now that I was able to stop working my full time job....”

-Brian E., Orlando, FL


"Thanks to your help and I have been able to launch a very successful online business that has

enabled me to get out of debt for the first time in eight years!"

-Gary C., Concord, NC


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

                                                                                        -- Sally Berger



Get INSTANT ACCESS (at anytime) to the best wholesale drop shippers right now. Includes new drop shipper updates!

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You will also receive TWO FREE Bonus Ebooks over a $50 Value!


1st ebook - "The Tips Concerning Drop Shipping & Retailing No One Told You About" a $29.95 value...FREE

2nd ebook - "Finding Your Drop Ship Treasure at a Trade Show" a $24.95 value...FREE


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